Colombia has faced unrelenting conflict between the State, paramilitaries and guerrilla groups for over 50 years. In 2016, a final agreement was reached between the State and FARC (the biggest revolutionary group). But instead of a simple switch from a state of civil war to a state of post-conflict, violence still prevails across Colombia. The podcast will focus on each perpetrating group that contributes to these continuities of violence, and their impact on the Nasa people, in particular.

Shamilka Hewagama, currently pursuing a Masters in International Development Law and Human Rights; and graduated from Warwick Law School, 2018.

Acknowledgment of thanks:

  • Interviewee: Dr Catherine Turner, Associate of Law at Durham University
  • Voiceover: Delcio de Carvalho, BEng Aerospace Systems student, Coventry University

Acknowledgment of Music:

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