This podcast explores the 1989 Tiananmen Square student protest by focusing on the Goddess of Democracy sculpture created by the protestors. It develops two different timeframes of Tiananmen Square: It begins with the student-made sculpture as part of the battle of space, where monuments held an especial significance; And then it moves to the memorialisation in both China and Hong Kong, demonstrating how each has re-written the event through their constituent sculptures.


Liew Shao Jie, Renée graduated from Warwick Law School in 2018 and is pursuing an MA in Drama and Theatre Education.

With special thanks:

Dr Marco Wan, Associate Professor of Law & Honorary Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong

Dr Daniel Matthews, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Hong Kong

Dr Illan Rua Wall, Associate Professor at the School of Law, University of Warwick UK

Lisa Heledd Jones , Director of Storyworks UK

Joel Lam, Nanyang Business School Graduate 2012, Singapore

Djamel Lamari, BSc International Management student, University of Warwick UK

Music/ audio

  • Daniel Birch, Marimba On The Hunt, Ambient Vol. 2
  • Ketsa, PC Plodder, Creative Centre
  • Lee Rosevere, A List of Ways to Die, The Big Loop
  • Ketsa, Sun Won’t Rise, Jar of Dreams
  • Jan Morgenstern, Bleem Changes Everything, The Secret Number
  • com, Tank Drive By
  • Chris Zabriskie, I am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary, I am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honour
  • Soularflair, Static Sea
  • Devil Music Ensemble, Captured, Soundtrack to Red Heroine
  • Devil Music Ensemble, Grandmother, Soundtrack to Red Heroine
  • 6klop, Mir, Naskigo
  • The Conet Project, Unidentified Chinese Station
  • Lobo Loco, Space Machine Flight (ID 872), Space or Fly
  • Lobo Loco, Technetium Planet (ID 807), Space or Fly
  • elconEstharoe, Do you have the belief that your couch is a gate to another dimension?!- Part 1
  • elconEstharoe, Do you have the belief that your couch is a gate to another dimension?!- Part 3
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