The Black Protests took to the streets of Poland in October 2016, challenging a new legislative initiative to ‘Stop Abortion’. The podcast explores the movement, unraveling the ‘style’ of the strike by decoding its symbols. Coat hangers and umbrellas were the material culture of the strike. But by changing registers, these objects became symbols and icons of injustice and activism.

The Colours of the Black Protest
By Ala Alysik

With thanks:
To Dr Illan Wall, Reader, School of Law, University of Warwick, for the immense help in creating this podcast and for a passionate and alternative approach to teaching that inspired me to go out of my comfort zone.
To Dr Elżbieta Korolczuk, Associate Professor, The School of Historical and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn University, for invaluable participation as an interviewee and sharing her expertise.
To Bartosz Ślosarski, Research Assistant, PhD Candidate, School of Social Sciences, University of Warsaw, for invaluable participation as an interviewee and sharing his expertise.
To Jakub Stulin for his voice and support.
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