The podcasts are very different from the traditional undergraduate essay, The possibility of publication means that students must think about their production beyond the traditional student-examiner relationship. The podcast stages a different set of relations between interviewee-producer-audience. In order to change the stakes of assessment. Our experience has been that students are often farm more capable  than they expect. That is especially true of those that throw themselves into the process, making genuine editorial decisions as they go through.

The idea behind these podcasts is that the students explain or develop ideas or problems in ways that are compelling, gripping or interesting to a broader audience. Thus there are a number of key outcomes that we use to mark the final podcasts.

  • Identify important, interesting and distinctive research questions
  • Strike a compelling balance between analytic and descriptive content
  • Demonstrate evidence of high quality research, including the selection and explanation of sources and the use of interview material
  • Fashion a compelling argument, idea or story
  • Create a well developed and engaging presentation, involving: A well rehearsed presentation; well chosen material; compelling telling of the material, vivid and accurate narrativisation; and compelling use of sound to evoke rich affective response