On November 24th 2016 the Colombian Congress ratified a peace treaty with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. This lead to the disarmament of thousands of guerrilla soldiers. However, the reintegration of these former guerrilla combatants in Colombia has failed to adequately address individual complexities such as gender and age. This has left many of the former combatants without structure in their lives. Many have skills which they’ve had to leaveunused since the disarmament, as their decades long training has not been considered valuable. They have been unable to become a part of the Colombian society again, despite a formal networkof reintegration coined by some as “The best in the world”.

These ex guerrillas are not only the perpetrators, but also victims of the conflict, as they too have lost family members, friends, loved ones, and a way of living. This is not considered in the reintegration programmes. The former combatants should be dealt with as valuable survivors of the 50-year conflict in Colombia.

Suvi Jokinen is pursuing her undergraduate in law in the University of Warwick, graduating in 2020.
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