On 18th November 2019, in the city of Valparaíso, the women of Chile used their voices and dancing bodies to speak the truth of their fate. The Chilean anti-rape anthem, ‘Un Violador En Tu Camino’/ ‘A Rapist in Your Path’, sought to speak for the women whose voices have been silenced by violence. In this podcast, Olivia Stanek explores how a variety of factors such as deeply-embedded cultural values, low conviction rates for femicide, female sexual abuse, and presidential responses have contributed to the creation of the performance by Chilean theatre collective, Lastesis. These elements connected to ignite the anthem’s spread across all continents and for women to come to a collective effort to fight against this brutality.

Content warning: descriptions of graphic violence

With special thanks to:

Dr Monica Ramon Rios, writer, editor and scholar at Pratt Institute, for agreeing to participate in the podcast and sharing a valuable insight and expertise on the subject.

Dr Illan Wall, Reader, School of Law, University of Warwick for his continuous and unwavering support throughout the process of creating this podcast.

Lastesis Collective, for producing the anthem that filled women with the confidence to fight their oppressors.


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