About Us

This is a podcast about disorder: about protest, riot and revolt; about law, the state and the international realm, It is about the people who revolt and disobey, about the ideas that bring people to the streets or explain why they are there, and about the way that the state responds to them.

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The series is produced by the undergraduate students who take the Law and Disorder module at the Warwick Law School. The point of these podcasts is to escape the idea of students producing written work for an examiner, and explore the possibility of these amazing producers and researchers engaging a broader audience. We hope you will look beyond the fact that these episodes were produced as part of an assessment. In 2016 and 2018, we were joined by the wonderful Storyworks UK, who helped our students think through how to produce podcasts.

The title ‘Orders in Decay’ signals a concern for both the processes of social, legal and political decay, and the new structures and symbols that emerge in those processes. We focus on various moments of disorder because it helps us understand the sites of decay and the sites from which new political life emerges. Our episodes are carefully researched and situated, they all differ in style, atmosphere, subject matter, political outlook and conceptual understandings, but at the core is a commitment to explain interesting ideas and complex situations in a compelling manner.