Malaysia’s first national election of 1969 was a momentous one, ending with the greatest record of political violence and death in its history. 60 years later, the events transpiring May 13 still haunt its citizens and the memory of which has been used to justify radical legal, economical and socio-political changes. This podcast digs deep into the sticky entanglement of race, identity and politics that have become pillars and banes of Malaysia’s history and contemporary culture. 

Bio: Chelsea Jade Penafort is a 2019 University of Warwick graduate who is currently undergoing the BPTC at City University, London. 

Special Thanks to: 

  • Dr Illan rua Wall, Associate Professor at the School of Law, Warwick University.
  • Dr. Shamsul, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Ethnic Studies at the National University of Malaysia 
  • Dr. Kua Kia Soong, Director of SUARAM
  • My wonderful friends: Siow Ching, Jia Hui, Joshua Ting, Kasyfi, Nisha SV Linggam, Praveen, Raymond Lim, Gregory Joseph, Syafiq, Athira, Nicole and Jonathan Weng Kanfor their voices

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